You want to…

… Increase your flexibility?

… Delegate your administrative overhead?

… Improve your time management?

… Reduce your overheard?

… Have more time to focus on your strategy and grow your business?


Vibiz provides administrative and IT virtual services through Virtual Assistants (VAs) for companies. Outsourcing work to VAs allows you to control capital costs, reduce labour costs, increase efficiency and gives you extra time to focus on your core business and start new projects quickly. We offer a wide range of services and some more. Vibiz – short for Virtual Business – has the mission to bring workload relief to businesses. We aim to become to single point of reference to outsource last-minute, random, seasonal, short-term or long-term tasks to help you with your business.


Some advantages of using a Virtual Assistant:

- Availability of skilled staff only when is required
- Allows you to focus on your business strategies to grow your business
- No payroll, taxes and insurances overhead since our VAs are employed by Vibiz and act as an independent contractor to you and your company
- No need to purchase additional office space or equipment
- No employee training required
You only pay for the amount of exact time spent on your project


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